Paper Set 3

Red light is used for signalsbecause it has ?

(a) long wavelength

(b) high ntensity

(c) high frequency

(d) low refraction in the medium

Answer : A

what is the principle of life jacket ?

(a) it provides oxygen to a drowing person

(b) it increase the volume of the person to keep him afloat

(c) it decrease the volume of the person to keep him afloat

(d) the person can sit on it like a raft ?

Answer : B

Myopia is the same as ?

(a) nearsightedness

(b) astigmatism

(c) presbyopia

(d) long sighttedness

Answer : A

Sun's heat reaches us by ?

(a) Conduction

(b) convection

(c) radiation

(d) reflection

Answer : C

A shhere rolls down on two inclined planes of different angles but same does so ?

(a) in the same time

(b) with the same speed

(c) in the same time with the same speed

(d) in the same time with the same kinetic

Answer : B

A vacuum cleaner works on the principle of pressure difference . On the moon it will ?

(a) work as effciently as on the earth

(b) not work to all

(c) work with reduced efficiency

(d) work with increased efficiency

Answer : B

What isthe minimum escape velocity of rocket to be launched into space ?

(a) 5 km/sec

(b) 6 km/sec

(c) 11 km/sec

(d) 15 km/sec

Answer : C

A rubber ball is dropped from a height of 2 meters. to what height will it rise if there is no loss of energy/velocity after rebounding ?

(a) 4 meter

(b) 3 meter

(c) 2 meter

(d) 1 meter

Answer : C

Who enunciated the laws of planetary motion ?

(a) ncolaus copernicus

(b) johannnes kepler

(c) newton

(d) galileo

Answer : B

The radiant energy having lowest energy is ?

(a) gamma rays

(b) UV rays

(c) visible light

(d) microwave radiation

Answer : D

white ne the following has the highest value of specific heat ?

(a) glass

(b) copper

(c) lead

(d) water

Answer : D

A microscope used in pathalogical labdratories forms ?

(a) magnified , vartual,erect image

(b) diminished , real and erect image

(c) magnified , virtual and inverted image

(d) diminished ,virtual and erect image

Answer : C

The velocity of sound is more in ?

(a) water

(b) air

(c) steel

(d) wood

Answer : C

A light year is an measure of ?

(a) speed

(b) velocity

(c) distance

(d) time

Answer : C

A device which is used to limit the current in an element in an electrical circuit is called a ?

(a) grid

(b) fuse

(c) hub

(d) conductor

Answer : B

Hypermetropia or long sight ccan be corrected by using ?

(a) bifocal lenses

(b) cylindrical lenses

(c) concave lenses

(d) convex lenses

Answer : D

Stars appear twinkling because of ...... of light ?

(a) reflection

(b) scattering

(c) emission

(d) absorption

Answer : B

Speed of sound in air is unaffected by change in ?

(a) pressure

(b) humidity

(c) temperature

(d) volume

Answer : A

in mirrors the back surfce is coated with a thin layer of ?

(a) mercury

(b) silver

(c) red oxide

(d) silver nitrate

Answer : B

A bomb at rest explodes into a large number of tiny fragments . the total momentum of all the fragments ?

(a) is zero

(b) depends on the total mass of all the fragments

(c) depends on the speeds of various fragments

(d) is infinity

Answer : A

The scope of a velocity-time graph represents ?

(a) acceleration

(b) displacement

(c) distance

(d) speed

Answer : A

water is used in car radiator becaause of its ?

(a) Low density

(b) easy availability

(c) high specific heat capacity

(d) low boiling point

Answer : C

How much mechanical work must be done to completely melt 1 gram of ice at 0oC ?

(a) 4.2 J

(b) 80 J

(c) 336 J

(d) 2268 J

Answer : B

A bullet is fired from a rifle which recoils after firing . the rdio of kinetic energy of the rifle to that of of the bullet is ?

(a) zero

(b) one

(c) less than one

(d) more than one

Answer : C

Het stored in water vapour is ?

(a) specific heat

(b) latent heat

(c) absolute heat

(d) relative heat

Answer : B