Paper Set 2

A gas thermometer is more sensetive than a liquid thermometer because a gas ?

(a) is lighter than liquid

(b) expands more than a liquid

(c) is easy to obtain

(d) does not change state easily

Answer : D

which one of the following is used fr sun glasses ?

(a) pyrex glass

(b) flint glass

(c) crooks glass

(d) crystal glass

Answer : C

The speed of light with the rise in the temprerature of the medium ?

(a) increases

(b) decreases

(c) remains unaitered

(d) drops suddenly

Answer : C

Clothes keep us warm in winter because they ?

(a) supply heat

(b) do not radiate heat

(c) prevent air from contacting the body

(d) prevent the heat of the body from escaping

Answer : D

in a refrigerator what products the cooling ?

(a) the ice which deposits on the freezer

(b) the suddenly expansion of a compressed gas

(c) the evaporation of a volatile liquid

(d) none of these

Answer : D

Whene the barometer reading dips suddenly . it is an indication of ?

(a) hot weather

(b) calm weather

(c) stom

(d) dry weather

Answer : C

Good conductor of electricity is ?

(a) dry air

(b) paper

(c) kerosene

(d) graphite

Answer : D

which of the following is a non-renewable source of energy ?

(a) biogas

(b) solar

(c) wind

(d) coal

Answer : D

Solar energy is converted into chemical energy diring ?

(a) transpiration

(b) photosynthesis

(c) diffusion

(d) osmosis

Answer : B

heat from the sun reaches the earth by ?

(a) reflection

(b) conduction

(c) radiation

(d) convection

Answer : C

which of the following parts sunlight makes the solar cooker hot ?

(a) ultra violet

(b) red light

(c) infrared

(d) cosmic rays

Answer : C

if the velocity -time graph of a particle is represented by y=mt+c then the particle is moving with ?

(a) constant speed

(b) constant velocity

(c) constant acceleration

(d) varying acceleration

Answer : C

A passenger standing in a bus is thrown outward when the bus takes a sudden turn . this happens due to ?

(a) outward pull on him

(b) inertia of motion

(c) change in momentum

(d) change in acceleration

Answer : B

when pressure is increased the melting point of ice ?

(a) increases

(b) do not change

(c) decreases

(d) depends on the mpurities in the ice

Answer : C

Longgitudinal waves cannot travel through ?

(a) vaccum

(b) solid

(c) liquid

(d) gas

Answer : A

electrostatic precipitator is used to control the pollution of ?

(a) air

(b) water

(c) noise

(d) thermal

Answer : A

Tungsten is used for the manufacture of the filament of an electric bulb , because ?

(a) it is a good conductor

(b) it is economical

(c) it is malleable

(d) it has a very high melting point ?

Answer : D

what is the wavelength of visible specturm ?

(a) 1300A-3000A

(b) 3900A-7600A

(c) 7800A-8000A

(d) 8500A-9800

Answer : B

who measured the velocity , of light first ?

(a) galileo

(b) newton

(c) romer

(d) einstein

Answer : C

The energy emitted by the sun is due to ?

(a) chemical reaction

(b) nuclear fission

(c) nuclear fusion

(d) all of the above

Answer : C

The sky appears blue because of ?

(a) atmospheric water vapour

(b) reflection on sea water

(c) scattering of light

(d) emision of blue wavelength by the sun

Answer : B

Dynamo is a device for converting ?

(a) heat energy into electrical energy

(b) mechanical energy into electrical energy

(c) megnetic energy into electrical energy

(d) chemical energy into electrical energy

Answer : B

oil rises up the wick in a lamp because ?

(a) oil is very light

(b) of the duffusion of oil through the wick

(c) of the surface tension phenomenon

(d) of the capillary action phenomenon

Answer : D

in the atmosphere ultraviolet rays are absorbed by ?

(a) oxygen

(b) nitrogen

(c) ozone

(d) helium

Answer : C

which of the following metals is used for the manufacture of heating elements provided in electric iron ?

(a) nickel

(b) chromium

(c) nichrome

(d) Tungsten

Answer : C