Paper Set 1

The instrument for measuring intensity of earthquakes is called ?

(a) Radiography

(b) pantagraph

(c) ergograph

(d) Richter scale

Answer : D

Which one of the following animals can hear ultrasonic sound ?

(a) rat

(b) cat

(c) aquirrel

(d) bats

Answer : D

A multi meter is used to measure ?

(a) current

(b) voltage

(c) resistance

(d) all of the above

Answer : D

Which of the following is used to split white light into different ?

(a) glass slab

(b) convex lens

(c) concave lens

(d) prism

Answer : D

nuclear reactors used to produce electricity are based on ?

(a) nuclear fission

(b) nuclear fusion

(c) cold fusion

(d) superconductivity

Answer : A

Submerged objects can be located using ?

(a) radar

(b) sonar

(c) quasar

(d) pulsar

Answer : B

which one of the following instruments is used to study dispersion of light ?

(a) microscope

(b) telescope

(c) spectrometer

(d) photometer

Answer : C

A fountain pen works on the principle of ?

(a) flow of liquids from higher to lower potential

(b) capillary action

(c) bernoulli's principle

(d) viscosity of liquids

Answer : B

Pycnometer is an instrument used to measure the ?

(a) density

(b) intensity of solar radiation

(c) intensity of earthquakes

(d) high temperatures

Answer : A

fibre optics work on the principle of ?

(a) Scattering of light

(b) total internal absorption

(c) total internal Reflection

(d) optical rotation

Answer : C

Adecibel is ?

(a) the musical instrument

(b) the wavelength of noise

(c) a musical note

(d) a measure of sound level

Answer : D

Remote-sensing device has an inbuild source ?

(a) X-ray

(b) G-ray

(c) infra red ray

(d) ultraviolet ray

Answer : C

the atmosphere is heated mainly by ?

(a) insolation

(b) conduction

(c) radiation

(d) convection

Answer : C

A piece of wood is heldunder water .the upthrust on it will be ?

(a) equal to the weight of the wood

(b) less than weight of the wood

(c) more tha weight of the wood

(d) zero

Answer : B

Energy of ultraviolet rays is grat than ?

(a) infra-red rays

(b) gamma rays

(c) x-rays

(d) cosmic rays

Answer : A

The instrument used to measure the speed of the wind is ?

(a) altimeter

(b) anemometer

(c) chronometer

(d) dosimeter

Answer : B

Who defined the law of gravitation ?

(a) newton

(b) archimedes

(c) galileo

(d) faraday

Answer : A

The metal used to make lightning conductors is ?

(a) iron

(b) aluminium

(c) copper

(d) zinc

Answer : C

In rechargeable cell what kind of energy is stored within the cell ?

(a) electrical energy

(b) potential energy

(c) chemical energy

(d) kinetic energy

Answer : C

which one of the following lenses should be used to correct the defect of astigmatism ?

(a) cylindrical lens

(b) concave lens

(c) convex lens

(d) bifocal lens

Answer : A

in a laser ( say neon laser) all the atoms emit the light waves of ?

(a) same frequency

(b) same amplitude

(c) same phase

(d) all of the above

Answer : D

Which of the following has got more heat capacity ?

(a) iron piece

(b) water

(c) gold piece

(d) benzene

Answer : B

If the temperature of a place increases suddenly . the ralative humidity ?

(a) increases

(b) decreases

(c) remains constant

(d) fluctuates

Answer : B

which of the following had the highest calorific value ?

(a) carbohydrates

(b) fats

(c) proteins

(d) vitamins

Answer : B

What is the full form of " Am " regardig radio broadcasting ?

(a) amplitude movement

(b) anywhere movement

(c) amplitude matching

(d) amplitude modulation

Answer : D