Paper Set 4

which of the plants belongs to the category of pteridophyta ?

(a) chara

(b) ulothrix

(c) cladophora

(d) marsilea

Answer : A

the common passege for food and air in human beings is ?

(a) nasal cavity

(b) larynx

(c) pharynx

(d) none

Answer : B

during which type of reproduction to the fully matured tiny individuals detach parent body and become new independent individuals ?

(a) multiple

(b) fission

(c) budding

(d) regeneration

Answer : C

which of the following develops into future shoot during germination of a seed ?

(a) cotyledons

(b) radicle

(c) zygote

(d) plumule

Answer : D

amphibians and most reptiles have ?

(a) four-chambered heart

(b) three-chambered heart

(c) two-chambered heart

(d) none

Answer : B

Our body has many organs. which of the following organs is the largest ?

(a) the brain

(b) the stomach

(c) the kidneys

(d) the skin

Answer : D

.......... is probably the largest group of animals ?

(a) mollusca

(b) nematoda

(c) coelenterate

(d) arthropoda

Answer : D

The full from of DNA is ?

(a) do nucleic acid

(b) deoxyribonucleic acid

(c) deoxyribonuclear acid

(d) deoxyribous nuclear acid

Answer : B

cells of the collenchyma tissue are thickened at the corners with ?

(a) cellulose and pactine

(b) lignin and cutin

(c) pectin and chitin

(d) suberin and cellulose

Answer : A

...... spreads through the stem ?

(a) byrophylla

(b) rose

(c) bryophyllum

(d) tamarind

Answer : B

which of the following is a gymnosperm

(a) mango

(b) ferm

(c) algae

(d) pine

Answer : D

pollen grains are produced by ?

(a) stigma

(b) anther

(c) filament

(d) ovary

Answer : B

what type of tissue mmake up the husk of coconut ?

(a) sclerenchymatous fibres

(b) collenchymas

(c) phloem parenchyma

(d) parenchyma

Answer : A

mammals have ... ?

(a) dry nad none-glandular skin with feathers

(b) glandular skin with hair

(c) dry and glandular skin with feathers

(d) dry and non-glandular skin scales

Answer : B

the .... cells are loosely packed so that large intercellular spaces are found ?

(a) parenchyma

(b) phloem

(c) collenchyma

(d) sclerenchyama

Answer : A

which of the following hormones brings about changes in appearance seenin boys and the time of puberty ?

(a) testosterone

(b) thyroxin

(c) insulin

(d) animal hormone

Answer : A

in which of the following plants is the plant body not differentiated into root , stem and leaves ?

(a) chara

(b) spirogyra

(c) marsilea

(d) riccia

Answer : B

the .... acts as a food store in plant seeds ?

(a) Ovule

(b) radicle

(c) plumule

(d) cotyledons

Answer : D

..... does not belong to the class annelida ?

(a) Leech

(b) ascaris

(c) nereis

(d) Earthworm

Answer : B

the walls of sclerenchyama cells are thickened due to ?

(a) cellulose

(b) lignin

(c) hemi-cellulose

(d) pectine

Answer : B

we can control the urge to urinate as ?

(a) sphincter muscle is present between bladder and urethra ?

(b) bladder is filled with less water

(c) bladder does not fill up easily

(d) the musclar bladder is under nervous control

Answer : D

the transmission of traits physical or mental from parents offsprings is called ?

(a) evoluction

(b) heredity

(c) variation

(d) progeny

Answer : B

which tissue helps in the transportation of the meterial away from the photosynthetic part of the plants ?

(a) ground tissue

(b) xylem vessels

(c) phloem

(d) meristematic tissue

Answer : C

the seed of the of the plant contains the future plant in the from of a ?

(a) stigma

(b) embryo

(c) ovary

(d) ovule

Answer : B

which of the following is a non-vascular plant ?

(a) ferm

(b) deodar

(c) marsilea

(d) chara

Answer : D