Paper Set 3

which of the following disease is not immunised by triple antigen ?

(a) Whooping

(b) Typhoid

(c) Diththeria

(d) Tetanus

Answer : B

whichof the following is a milk protein ?

(a) Galactose

(b) Casein

(c) Glycie

(d) Rennin

Answer : B

In which part of the plant photosynthesistakes place ?

(a) Leaf an other chloroplast parts

(b) Roots

(c) Branches and trunk

(d) leaf and stem

Answer : A

Pepsin is an enzyme secreted in the ?

(a) Liver

(b) Mouth

(c) Heart

(d) stomach

Answer : D

Loss the water from the leaves of a plant through stomata s called ?

(a) Suspiration

(b) Perspiration

(c) Transpiration

(d) Expiration

Answer : C

the top of pistil in a flower is termed as ?

(a) Stigma

(b) Pollen

(c) Ovule

(d) Stamen

Answer : B

The male and female sex cells fuse to form a ?

(a) Gastrula

(b) Zygote

(c) Gamete

(d) Blastula

Answer : B

Dialysis is used when a patient has serious trouble with ?

(a) Lungs

(b) kidneys

(c) Liver

(d) Heart

Answer : B

A person is said to be anemic if his body has deficiency of ?

(a) WBC

(b) RBC

(c) Calcium and phosphorous

(d) vitamins

Answer : B

Lipids are formed when glycerol combines with ?

(a) Preptide

(b) Disaccharide

(c) Fatty acids

(d) Oligosaccharide

Answer : C

Who is the father of genetics ?

(a) Mendel

(b) morgan

(c) Castle

(d) Punnet

Answer : A

which of these organs is not vestigial ?

(a) Ear muscles

(b) Brain

(c) Appendix

(d) Wisdom teeth

Answer : B

ELISA refers to which of the following ?

(a) The centre in which AIDS

(b) The virus which causes AIDS

(c) A test to detect AIDS

(d) The very first person who died Of AIDS

Answer : C

which of the following fruits has high potassium content ?

(a) Guava

(b) Apple

(c) Banana

(d) Pomegranate

Answer : B

Banana is propagated by ?

(a) Suckers

(b) Tillers

(c) Stem cutting

(d) none

Answer : A

which of the following bears flowers and fruits only once in its lifetime ?

(a) Banana

(b) Guava

(c) Fig

(d) All

Answer : B

The prolongation of the backbone beyond the trunk of the body is called the ?

(a) Spine

(b) Fin

(c) Wing

(d) Tail

Answer : D

which of the following is an example of insoluble dietary fiber ?

(a) Psyllium

(b) insulin

(c) cellulose

(d) pectine

Answer : C

which human organ weight about 1.4 kg and 0.85 litres of blood passes through it every minute ?

(a) Heart

(b) Brain

(c) kidneys

(d) Lungs

Answer : B

who prepared the first effective vaccine against polio ?

(a) John Gibsson

(b) Jonas E.Salk

(c) Robert Ewards

(d) Louis Pasteur

Answer : B

which of the following is a micronutrient ?

(a) protein

(b) carbohydrate

(c) fat

(d) iodine

Answer : D

The of plant cells found in major type s of plant tissues is ?

(a) Dermal

(b) Vascular

(c) ground

(d) all

Answer :D

What cause the " mad cow " diseae in cattle ?

(a) Protozoa

(b) meat and bone feed

(c) Bacteria

(d) virus

Answer : B

Mycology is related to the study of ?

(a) virus

(b) fungi

(c) human cells

(d) Bacteria

Answer : B

Double fertillisation is a characteristic of ?

(a) Gymnosperm

(b) Angiosperm

(c) monocots

(d) bryophytes

Answer : B