Paper Set 2

Theory of natural selection was propose by ?

(a) Erasmus darwin

(b) Charles huxley

(c) Charles darwin

(d) Morgan

Answer : CD

the mineral (ions) necessary for coagulation Chlorine

(a) Sodium

(b) Potassium

(c) Calcium

(d) Chlorine

Answer : C

The gratest quantity of air that can be expelled after a maximu inspiratory effect is ?

(a) Lung volume

(b) Reside volume

(c) Vital volume

(d) Tidal volume

Answer : A

which of the following diseases affectes the blood cells in the human body ?

(a) Smallpox

(b) Leukaemia

(c) Polio

(d) Meningitis

Answer : B

which of the following is a host in the liffe cycle of tapeworm

(a) Pig

(b) monkey

(c) Rabbit

(d) Fish

Answer : A

The most abundant element in the human body ?

(a) Calcium

(b) Nitrogen

(c) Carbon

(d) Oxigen

Answer : D

ECG sense the electrical forces produced by ?

(a) Brain

(b) Kidney

(c) stomach

(d) heart

Answer : D

which of the following affectes the stomach

(a) Colic

(b) Micraine

(c) Ashtma

(d) Spondylitis

Answer : A

The organ Corti is connected with ?

(a) Lactic Acid

(b) Hearing

(c) Seeling

(d) Balancing

Answer : B

Where is ammonia converted into urea ?

(a) Liver

(b) Pancreas

(c) stomach

(d) Kidney

Answer :A

which of these devices controls the heart rate of patients ?

(a) Respirator

(b) Pacemaker

(c) ECG mchine

(d) CAT acanner

Answer : B

which of the following disease is mostly caused by the deficiencyof vitamin " C " ?

(a) Kidney mulfunction

(b) Respiratory disease

(c) Rheumatism

(d) Scurvy

Answer : D

What is the riboflavinn ?

(a) Antibiotic

(b) Plant

(c) Vitamin

(d) colouring substance

Answer : C

The colour of the hair is due to ?

(a) Keratin

(b) Melanin

(c) Peptin

(d) Carotene

Answer : B

which hormone products the blood glucose from going too low ?

(a) Glucagon

(b) Vasopressin

(c) Oxytocin

(d) Insulinn

Answer : A

which of the following is the most abundant source of iron ?

(a) Green vegatables

(b) Milk

(c) Eggs

(d) Beans

Answer : A

Simple ethipelium is ?

(a) Two to three cell thick

(b) Two cell thick

(c) One cell thick

(d) All of the option

Answer : C

luekoderma is a disease of ?

(a) Eyes

(b) Skin

(c) Throat

(d) Liver

Answer : B

pellagra is caused through the deficiency of ?

(a) Niacin

(b) Riboflavin

(c) Ascorbic

(d) Folic acid

Answer : A

Enzyme ptyalin is seen in ?

(a) Saliva

(b) Gastric juice

(c) Intestinall juice

(d) Pancreatic juice

Answer : A

which hormone is released during an emergency situatio ?

(a) Adrenaline

(b) Norepinephrine

(c) Corticotropin

(d) Cortisol

Answer : A

In which part of the human body would you find the smallest bone ?

(a) Ears

(b) Knees

(c) Fingers

(d) Nose

Answer : A

which of the following hormones stimulates milk production after child ?

(a) Estrogen

(b) Progestin

(c) Androgen

(d) Prolactin

Answer : D

The primary role of carbohydrates is ?

(a) Promote growth

(b) Supply energy

(c) maintain water balance

(d) Repair of tissue

Answer : B

which of the following is a seedless fruit ?

(a) Guava

(b) Banana

(c) Water melon

(d) Mango

Answer : B