Paper Set 4

which compound is used for making perfumes and dyes ?

(a) ethyl alcohol

(b) ethyl acetate

(c) ethanoate

(d) ethanone

Answer : B

in all bio compounds the most necessary fundamental element is ?

(a) nitrogen

(b) Oxygen

(c) carbon

(d) sulphur

Answer : D

The gas emancipating through paddy field is ?

(a) ethane

(b) methane

(c) nitrogen

(d) all of these

Answer : B

name an open chain hydrocarbon which is odourless ?

(a) aldehyde

(b) aromatic

(c) aliphatic

(d) acetate

Answer : C

which of the following metal is used in the accumulator cell ?

(a) copper

(b) lead

(c) aluminium

(d) inc

Answer : B

the chemical formula of the plaster of paris is ?

(a) CaSO4.5H2O

(b) 2CaSO4.5H2O

(c) (CaSO4)2.2H2O

(d) CaSO4.MgO

Answer : B

Who propounded the modern periodic law ?

(a) newlands

(b) dobrenor

(c) mendeleev

(d) moseley

Answer : C

The gaseous mixture of carbon monoxide and nitrogen is called ?

(a) coal gas

(b) water gas

(c) producer gas

(d) natural gas

Answer : C

in the process of electrolysis , reduction occurs at ?

(a) cathode

(b) anode

(c) both of these

(d) none of these

Answer : A

the oxidation state of Oxygen in OF2 is ?

(a) +2

(b) -2

(c) +1

(d) -1

Answer : A

in which of the following silver is not to be present ?

(a) horn silver

(b) german silver

(c) ruby silver

(d) lunar caustic

Answer : B

mohr salt ?

(a) simple salt

(b) hybrid salt

(c) double salt

(d) complex salt

Answer : C

what is the shape of the ethylene molecule ?

(a) linear

(b) tetrahedral

(c) coplanar triangular

(d) hectohedral

Answer : C

By the emission of which , isomers are produced ?

(a) alpha-ray

(b) beta-ray

(c) gama-ray

(d) x-ray

Answer : B

isotones are those which have ?

(a) equaal number of protons

(b) equal number of neutrons

(c) equal number of nucleons

(d) none of these

Answer : B

the number of neutrons and protons in the nucleus of 88Ra226 are ?

(a) 138 and 88

(b) 88 and 138

(c) 226 and 88

(d) 88 and 226

Answer : A

the inventor of the atomic theory is ?

(a) rutherford

(b) madam curie

(c) john dalton

(d) albert einstein

Answer : C

As a vegetable preservative poly ..... foam is used ?

(a) uthane

(b) uriathenes

(c) urathanes

(d) urethanes

Answer : D

the element in group 17 of a periodic table are called ?

(a) halogens

(b) zerovalent

(c) transition element

(d) actinide series

Answer : A

name a gas used as rocket propellant and in welding also ?

(a) ether

(b) neon

(c) hydrogen

(d) cyanogen

Answer : D

when the concentration of acid is determined by neutralising it , is called ?

(a) transition

(b) theoretical yield

(c) titration

(d) thermodynamic

Answer : C

A substance that slows down chemical reaction is called ?

(a) inhibitor

(b) ketone

(c) kelvin

(d) nuclear reaction

Answer : A

when two substances does not dissolve they are called ?

(a) solute

(b) solvent

(c) immiscible

(d) solution

Answer : C

a reaction that has both oxidation and reduction , is called ?

(a) redox reaction

(b) decomposition reaction

(c) synthesis reaction

(d) double displacement reaction

Answer : A