Paper Set 3

The mass of a nucleus is ?

(a) always less than its atomic number

(b) always more than its atomic number

(c) always equal to its atomic number

(d) more and sometime equal to its atomic number

Answer : D

iodine can be separated from a mixture of iodine and potassium chloride by ?

(a) sedimentation

(b) filtration

(c) sublimation

(d) distillation

Answer : C

identify the metal which is non toxic in nature ?

(a) chromium

(b) gold

(c) cadmium

(d) cobalt

Answer : B

the gas that usually caually explosions in coal mines is ?

(a) hydrogen

(b) carbon monoxide

(c) air

(d) methane

Answer : D

wood spirit is ?

(a) methyl alcohol

(b) ethyl alcohol

(c) butyl alcohol

(d) propyl alcohol

Answer : A

which of the following processes is used for the production of biodiesel ?

(a) transamination

(b) transcription

(c) transesterfication

(d) translation

Answer : C

One property of ammonia is ?

(a) it is insoluble in water

(b) it is a odorless gas

(c) it is a yellowish gas

(d) its aqueous solution turns red litmus blue

Answer : D

Find the odd one

(a) marble

(b) chalk

(c) limestone

(d) slaked lime

Answer : D

which of the following is the SI unit of radioactivity ?

(a) curie

(b) becquerel

(c) rutherford

(d) all of these

Answer : B

Fire-fighting clothes are made from ?

(a) mica

(b) asbestoc

(c) talc

(d) steatite

Answer : B

water gas is the mixture of ?

(a) carbon dioxide and hydrogen

(b) carbon monoxide and nitrogen

(c) carbon monoxide and hydrogen

(d) carbon dioxide and nitrogen

Answer : C

what is the substance that has an unstable nucleus that can fall apart called ?

(a) organic compound

(b) radioactive

(c) nuclear fission

(d) nuclear fusion

Answer : B

which type of fire extinguisher is used for petroleum fire ?

(a) foam type

(b) soda acid type

(c) powder type

(d) non of these

Answer : C

what is the mixing of air into a liquid or solid called ?

(a) aeration

(b) aldehyde

(c) actinides

(d) allotropy

Answer : A

Black lung disease occurs in people working in ?

(a) electroplating industry

(b) organic solvents industry

(c) paint manufacturing industry

(d) coal mines

Answer : D

which one the following is known as the " brown coal"

(a) anthracive

(b) bituminous

(c) coke

(d) lignite

Answer : D

Quartz is composed of ?

(a) calcium sulphate

(b) calcium silicate

(c) sodium salphate

(d) sodium silicate

Answer : B

the chemical substance which is easily soluble in water ?

(a) carbon

(b) nitrogen

(c) ammonia

(d) iodine

Answer : c

which of the following is a paramagnetic substance ?

(a) iron

(b) hydrogen

(c) Oxygen

(d) nitrogen

Answer : C

The chemical substance present in bones and teeth is ?

(a) calcium phosphate

(b) calcium sulphate

(c) calcium chloride

(d) calcium borate

Answer : A

Maximum permissible concentration of copper in drinking water n mg/L is ?

(a) 0.01

(b) 0.05

(c) 1.0

(d) 2.0

Answer : C

i time water is kept in the air , it turns milky due to presence of ?

(a) carbon dioxide

(b) nitrogen

(c) Oxygen

(d) sulphur dioxide

Answer : A

Heavy metal pollution of water is caused by ?

(a) paints

(b) wood burning

(c) acid plants

(d) domestic sewage

Answer : A

the inert gas which is substituted for nitrogen in the air used by deep sea divers for breathing is ?

(a) neon

(b) argon

(c) 1 krypton

(d) helium

Answer : D

asbestoc is formed of ?

(a) calcium and magnesium

(b) copper, zinc and manganese

(c) lead and iron

(d) calcium and zinc

Answer : A