Paper Set 2

which one of the following is fond in kidney stones ?

(a) sodium oxalate

(b) calcium oxalate

(c) sodium chloride

(d) calcium acetate

Answer : B

A powerfull eye irritant presentin smog is ?

(a) nitric oxide

(b) sulphur dioxide

(c) peroxyacetyl nitrate

(d) carbon dioxide

Answer : C

when water itself, combines chemically with some element or mineral if is called ?

(a) carbonation

(b) desalination

(c) hydration

(d) oxidation

Answer : C

the electronic configration od an atom having atomic nmber 20 is ?

(a) 2, 8, 10

(b) 2, 6, 8, 4

(c) 2, 8, 8, 2

(d) 2, 10 ,8

Answer : C

the most reactive among the halogens is ?

(a) fluorine

(b) chlorine

(c) bromine

(d) iodine

Answer : A

which of the inert gases can from compounds ?

(a) Helium

(b) xenon

(c) krypton

(d) argon

Answer : B

Burning pyrites ore gives out ?

(a) carbon dioxide gas

(b) sulphur dioxide gas

(c) nitrogen dioxide gas

(d) nitric oxide gas

Answer : B

oxygen has (+) oxidation number only in ?

(a) OF2

(b) H2O2

(c) H2O

(d) N2O

Answer : A

which one the following elements is used in the manufacture of fertilizers ?

(a) fluorine

(b) potassium

(c) lead

(d) aluminium

Answer : B

Natral rbber is the polymer of ?

(a) isoprene

(b) styrene

(c) butadiene

(d) ethylene

Answer : A

in addition to Hydrogen , the other abundant element present on sun's surface is ?

(a) Helium

(b) neon

(c) argon

(d) oxygen

Answer : A

ozone layer is present in ?

(a) troposphere

(b) ionosphere

(c) stratosphere

(d) exosphere

Answer : C

the process of covering water pipes made of iron with zinc layer to prevent corrosion is called ?

(a) zinc plating

(b) alloy formation

(c) vulcannization

(d) galvanization

Answer : A

the particle required to continue the chain process of uranium fission is ?

(a) electron

(b) proton

(c) neutron

(d) positron

Answer :C

which ne of the following is an example of a gel

(a) cheese

(b) milk

(c) face cream

(d) shaving cream

Answer : C

Bakelite is a copolymer of phenol and ?

(a) formaldehyde

(b) acetaldehyde

(c) benzaldehyde

(d) none

Answer : A

The gas used to dilute oxygen for breathing by deep sea divers is ?

(a) neon

(b) argon

(c) nitrogen

(d) Helium

Answer : D

which one of the following is not a characteristic feature of alloys ? they are ?

(a) compounds

(b) mixtures

(c) solutions

(d) homeogeneous systems

Answer : D

permanent hardness of water may be removed by addition of ?

(a) alum

(b) sodium carbonate

(c) lime

(d) potassium permanganate

Answer : B

Of the following which one pollutes the air of a big city ?

(a) copper

(b) chromium

(c) lead

(d) cadmium

Answer : C

Bone ash contains

(a) calcium

(b) phosphoric sulphate

(c) calcium phosphate

(d) calcium hypo phosphate

Answer : C

Acid secretion is characteristic of ?

(a) buccal cavity

(b) stomach

(c) small intestine

(d) large intestine

Answer : B

which one of the following is not a fertilizer

(a) ammonium sulphate

(b) calcium sulphate

(c) calcium ammonium nitrate

(d) potassium nitrate

Answer : B

Stag is a name given for ?

(a) molten iron

(b) molten sant

(c) molten alumina

(d) molten calcium silicate

Answer : C

Stainless steel is usually made by alloying the steel with ?

(a) copper and nickel

(b) copper and chromium

(c) chromium and nickel

(d) manganese and copper

Answer : C