Paper Set 1

The device which converts DC to AC

(a) Oscillator

(b) Ampilifier

(c) Clipper

(d) Inverter

Answer : D

Knot is a measure of ?

(a) The speed of ship

(b) the curvature of spherical objects

(c) Solar radiation

(d) intensity of earthquake shock

Answer : A

Heat from the sun reaches earth by the process of ?

(a) Conduction

(b) Convection

(c) radiation

(d) none

Answer : C

Boyle's law is a relationship between

(a) pressure and volume

(b) volume and temprature

(c) volume and density

(d) pressure and temprature

Answer : A

which of the following produces more severe bums ?

(a) boiling water

(b) hot water

(c) steam

(d) melting iceberg

Answer : C

The sudden fail of atmospheric pressure indicates ?

(a) fair weather

(b) storm

(c) rain

(d) cold weather

Answer : B

Hydrogen spectrum was first explained by ?

(a) dalton

(b) erwin schrodinger

(c) niels bohr

(d) rutherford

Answer : C

Mangnetism in materials is due to ?

(a) electron and rest

(b) circular motion of electrons

(c) protons at rest

(d) all neutrons at rest

Answer : B

" short-sight" in human eye can be corrected by using proper ?

(a) convex lens

(b) concave lens

(c) cylindrical lens

(d) bifocal lens

Answer : B

what is the reason for twinkling of starts ?

(a) dispersion of light

(b) total internal reflection

(c) atmospheric reflection

(d) atmospheric refraction

Answer : D

the instrument for measuring intensity of earthquake is called ?

(a) radiograph

(b) pantagraph

(c) ergograph

(d) Richter

Answer : D

which one of the following animals can hear ultrasonic sound ?

(a) rat

(b) squirrel

(c) cat

(d) bat

Answer : D

when a vibrating tuning fork is placed on a table , a loud sound is heard . this is dire to ?

(a) reflection

(b) refraction

(c) forced vibration

(d) damped vibrations

Answer : C

A multi miter is used to measure ?

(a) current

(b) voltage

(c) resistance

(d) all of the above

Answer : D

which of the following is used to split white light into different ?

(a) glass slab

(b) convex lens

(c) concave lens

(d) prism

Answer : D

Nuclear reactors used to produce electricity are based on ?

(a) nuclear fission

(b) nuclear fusion

(c) cold fusion

(d) superconductivity

Answer : A

submerged objects can be located using ?

(a) radar

(b) sonar

(c) quasar

(d) pulsar

Answer : B

which one of the following instrument is used to study dispersion of light ?

(a) microscope

(b) telescope

(c) spectrometer

(d) photometer

Answer : C

A function pen works on the principle of ?

(a) flow of liquids from higher to lower potential

(b) capillary action

(c) bernoulli's principle

(d) viscosite of liquids

Answer : B

pycnometer is an instrument used to measure the ?

(a) density

(b) intensity of solar radiation

(c) intensity of earthquake

(d) high temprature

Answer : A

fibre optics work on the principle of ?

(a) scattering of light

(b) total internal absorption

(c) total internal reflection

(d) optical rotation

Answer : C

A decibel is ?

(a) a musical instrument

(b) the wavelength of noise

(c) a musical note

(d) a measure of sound level

Answer : D

remote sensing device has an inbuilt source of ?

(a) x-ray

(b) g-ray

(c) ultrviolet ray

(d) infra red ray

Answer : D

The atmosphere is heated mainly by ?

(a) insolation

(b) conduction

(c) radiation

(d) convection

Answer : C

energy of ultraviolet rays is greather than ?

(a) infra-red rays

(b) gamma rays

(c) x-rays

(d) cosmic rays

Answer : A