Paper set 4

which of the folllowing is not an island

(a) cube

(b) greenland

(c) ireland

(d) sweden

Answer : D

The earlier name of surinam was

(a) british guyana

(b) dutch guyana

(c) medagascar

(d) venezuela

Answer : B

which of the folllowing is the largest island

(a) cube

(b) great britain

(c) kalatdeitnunat

(d) sri lanka

Answer : C

which of the greatest archipelago on the globe

(a) japan

(b) west indies

(c) indonesia

(d) philippines

Answer : C

the importaint fishing areas called grand bank and georges bank located in the waters of which one of the folllowing

(a) north pacific

(b) south pacific

(c) south-west atlantic

(d) north-west atlantic

Answer : D

the busy port of rotterdam is situated in

(a) the netherlands

(b) belgium

(c) denmark

(d) germany

Answer : A

which one among the following rivers is the longest

(a) Amazon

(b) amur

(c) congo

(d) volga

Answer : A

through which one of the following straits does a tunnel connect the united kingdom and france

(a) davis strait

(b) denmark strait

(c) strait of dover

(d) strait of gibraltar

Answer : C

where is copacabana beach located

(a) buenos aires

(b) hawaiian islands

(c) rio de janeiro

(d) valletta

Answer : C

the largest island in the indian ocean is

(a) madagascar

(b) maldives

(c) sri lanka

(d) sumatra

Answer : A

the equator cuts through which of the following islands

(a) medagascar

(b) tasmania

(c) java

(d) berneo

Answer : D

the australian state which is an island is

(a) queensland

(b) java

(c) tasmania

(d) new guinea

Answer : C

the smallest country in south america is

(a) uruguay

(b) guyana

(c) surinam

(d) ecuador

Answer : C

which one of the following cities is not a former capital of the given country (country given in the brackets)

(a) karachi (pakistan)

(b) auckland (new zealand)

(c) kyoto (japan)

(d) brisbane (australia)

Answer : D

Adam's bridge connects

(a) amman and damascus

(b) dhanushkodi (rameshvaram) and talaimannar

(c) israel and jerusalem

(d) persian gulf and gulf of oman

Answer : B

which one of the following can one come across if one travels through the strait of malacca

(a) bali

(b) brunei

(c) java

(d) singapure

Answer : D

the broken hill famous for zinc and lead are located in

(a) turkey

(b) france

(c) germany

(d) australia

Answer : D

the canals in western europe are mainly used for

(a) irrigation

(b) inland navigation

(c) ship building

(d) trade

Answer : B

the largest and the busiest inland waterways in the world is

(a) R. rhine in germany

(b) R. ganga india

(c) the great lakes and the rivers St. lawrence in USA

(d) R. lena and lake baikal in russia

Answer : C

if the travel along the suez canal from port said to suez, you will come across several lakes. which of the following lakes is not on this canal

(a) great bitter lake

(b) little bitter lake

(c) lake gatun

(d) lake timsah

Answer : C

in which one of the following oceans is diamantina trench situated

(a) pacific ocean

(b) atlantic ocean

(c) indian ocean

(d) artic ocean

Answer : C

the largest coral reef in the world is found near the coast of which one of the following countries

(a) australia

(b) cuba

(c) ghana

(d) philippines

Answer : A

which one of the following is not a landform which results due to rejuvenation of a river

(a) incised meander

(b) knick point

(c) oxbow lake

(d) rive terrace

Answer : C

The correct descending order of the leading producers of milk is

(a) china, india, russia, U.S.A.

(b) india, U.S.A., china, russia

(c) U.S.A., india , china ,russia

(d) india ,china, U.S.A. , russia

Answer : B

where is 'ninety east ridge' situated

(a) pacific ocean

(b) indian ocean

(c) atlantic ocean

(d) artic ocean

Answer : B