Paper set 3

"limnology" refers to the study of

(a) limestone

(b) lignite of brown coal

(c) lakes and ponds

(d) laterites

Answer : C

horizontal transfer of heat is known as

(a) advection

(b) convection

(c) conduction

(d) elliptical line

Answer : A

podsol is a type of soil which is characteristic of a region under the cover of ...... forest

(a) deciduous

(b) coniferous

(c) evergreen

(d) alphine

Answer : B

A strait is

(a) a narrow stretch of sea connecting two extensive areas of sea

(b) a narrow strip of land joining two large land-masses

(c) a wide indentation into the land formed by a sea or a lake

(d) a narrow headland

Answer : A

the waterfall with the greatest meterage in the fall is

(a) the jog falls, india

(b) the victoria falls, africa

(c) the niagara falls, north america

(d) the salto angel falls, south america

Answer : D

world environmental day is celebrate on ...... every year

(a) may5

(b) june 5

(c) octuber 5

(d) december 5

Answer : B

world's largest solar power plant is located in

(a) kalahari desert, africa

(b) sahara desert , libya

(c) thar desert, india

(d) majova desert, USA

Answer : D

the continent through which the equator, tropic of cancer and the tropic of capricorn pass, is

(a) asia

(b) south america

(c) africa

(d) australia

Answer : C

the strait that separates tasmania from mainland of australia is

(a) cook strait

(b) bass strait

(c) torres strait

(d) palk strait

Answer : B

morain is

(a) a tribe inhabiting the equatorial region

(b) the debris of fragments of rock material brought down with the movement of a glacier

(c) a salt water lake in arabia

(d) none of the above

Answer : B

hydro-electric power provides more than 90% of the total power consumed in

(a) norway

(b) sweden

(c) india

(d) UK

Answer : A

kalgoorlie in australia is famous for its rich deposits of

(a) coal

(b) gold

(c) mercury

(d) iron

Answer : B

extensive mechanized wheat cultivation is carried out in

(a) tropical savannas

(b) temperate grasslands

(c) equatorial regions

(d) mediterranean lands

Answer : B

'the scented isle' in the mediterranean sea is

(a) sardinia

(b) corsica

(c) sicily

(d) crete

Answer : B

east african valleys stretching from east africa through red sea to syria is an example of

(a) river valley

(b) rift valley system

(c) glaciated valley

(d) a canyon

Answer : B

biome represents

(a) a desert vegetation

(b) a majorecological group of plants

(c) a large ecological reqion characterised by similar vegetation and climate

(d) a major ecological group animals

Answer : C

doldrum is an area of

(a) low rainfall

(b) low temperature

(c) low pressure

(d) high winds

Answer : C

which of the following river in europe has the largest volume of fraffic

(a) the rhine

(b) the rhone

(c) the danube

(d) the seine

Answer : A

suez canal has reduced the distance between london and mumbai by about

(a) 1000 km

(b) 5000 km

(c) 6000 km

(d) 7000 km

Answer : D

the sea that separates greece and itlay is

(a) mediterranean

(b) the tyrrhenian

(c) the adriatic

(d) the aegean

Answer : C

suez canal was completed in the year

(a) 1859

(b) 1869

(c) 1871

(d) 1889

Answer : B

people or north africa are generally

(a) negroid

(b) hematic

(c) mongoloid

(d) none of these

Answer : B

country peopled almost by migration is

(a) the USA

(b) brazil

(c) australia

(d) hawaii

Answer : C

the world's longest river in the

(a) volga

(b) amazon

(c) mississippi- missouri

(d) nile

Answer : D

the highest water fall in the world is

(a) tugela

(b) jog

(c) angel

(d) yosemite

Answer : C